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Thank you for visiting my profile.
I'm Mika, from Tokyo. I'm here to improve my English and make friends from different country.
If you have a plan to come to Tokyo, let me know. :)


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I'm glad if someone correct my English. With native lang

It has been a long time since I wrote my last jornal. 最後の日記を書いてから、長い時間が経(た)ってしまいました。 I've been focusing on speaking practice. その...
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  • English 
Jan 30, 2014 16:22

see you soon With native lang

Are there any difference between "see you late" and "see you soon"? "see you late" と "see you soon&qu...
  • 299
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  • English 
Oct 4, 2013 23:31

I'm really excited!! With native lang

I'm really excited!! 私はとてもドキドキしています。 Because the host city of the 2020 Summer Olympic game is chosen in two days. なぜなら、あと二日で2020...
  • 305
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  • English 
Sep 5, 2013 20:32

Are you good at talking with new people? With native lang

I have trouble talking with new people. 私は初対面(しょたいめん)の人と話すのが苦手(にがて)です。 So I completely froze up and couldn't move at all when I a...
  • 358
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  • English 
Aug 25, 2013 18:00

Maybe every one on the earth may watch me. (◎_◎;;)Zzzz With native lang

Few days ago, when I was walking on a street, I saw a car with a camera on top of the car. 数日前、道を歩いていると、カメラを搭載(とうさい)した車をみかけた。 Actuall...
  • 311
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  • English 
Aug 16, 2013 10:55
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Testimonials from My Friends

Mika-san is a really nice lady! We sometimes talk on skype, and she is always helping me out with Japanese. She even went out of her way to buy me Ghibli museum tickets since they were sold out and she had special access to them. [unfortunately i coudn't use them in the end:( ] Thanks for everything Mika-san!!
Mika-san is such a kind lady and she's always happy to help. She offers useful information and makes detailed corrections. Thanks for all your help! d(^^)b
ありがとございます! ^^
I like Mika-san's corrections, they are very helpful! Thank you so much ^_^

Thank-you for including me among your friends!