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Oct 20, 2011 22:42
I think that studying English is to create a system of English culture in your brain. This system is

generally called English Brain in Japan. However, very few people can understand the real meaning.

English Brain is created in native English speakers when they are children. This is a kind of sense of

English. That's why English speaking people can feel some expressions which those who study English

wrote unnatural even though they didn't study English Grammar as a rule.

In Japan, people are forced to study English in middle school student and high school student, so

when they graduate from high school, they have studied English at least for 6 years. However, most of

them cannot listen and speak English even in those who passed the entrance exam for University of

Tokyo, which is the highest rank University in Japan.

The problem, I think, lies in the education of English in Japan. Japanese middle school and high

school teachers focus what they teach on English Grammar as a rule and English-Japanese translation.

Students are forced to memorize a lot of rules of English Grammar without understanding the reason.

Then, they learn to translate English sentences into Japanese, not to understand them as English. As a

result, students become poor at English.

Teachers should teach the way of creating English Brain, but they can't do so. This is because,

surprising enough, most Japanese teachers of English cannot speak English. They teach their students

what they had been taught. Then, what do students do? I think that the best way is to improve English

reading, writing, listening, and speaking skill together. Most Japanese high school students cannot

speak English sentences even though they can translate them into Japanese. Accordingly, they need to

study phonetic symbols at first. Then, they need to study reading, writing, listening, and speaking,

imagining how English speaking people think when doing this. In addition, it is important to pursue

the reason of English grammar and try to create the sense of English in your brain, not just to

memorize the rules teachers said.