Judge-diary by judge of the isolate island--Introduce Japanese Drama

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Jan 3, 2013 21:27 J-drama
I'd like to introduce you my favorite Japanese drama called "Judge-diary by judge of the isolate island-"
This story is one of the chief judge in south the isolate island of Kagoshima prefecture.
You can enjoy the young judge rouses himself to work.
There are many judge drama in US for example "Law & Order" and so on.
You can also enjoy difference of judicature between Japan and U.S.A.
You should care about difference of recent judicature because this drama is before lay judge system that started in 2009 in Japan.
And music of Atari Kousuke is very exciting, it's my favorite song.
私の好きな日本ドラマ 「ジャッジ~島の裁判官 奮闘記~」を紹介します。
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