Divorce Ceremony 離婚式

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Jun 30, 2012 06:10 presentation personal
Do you know “Divorce ceremony”?
Or do you have it your country?
This ceremony is as a not only their marriage but also their divorce, they swear to stay positive “decide of restart” for family and friends.
Because in Japanese people, it’s important to finished ceremony at times.
For example, it’s graduate, funeral and retirement ceremonies.
It began 3 years ago, why do we have having divorce ceremony if we have a marriage ceremony.

This ceremony only can available harmonious divorce couples.
There are three reasons.
1. They can good restart their fight to restore.
2. We are able to hear their reason that is able to swallow them.
3. They keep in touch relationship around people after their divorce.

I’d like to introduce basically to flow the ceremony.
1. The chairperson explains for participants to flow the reason of their divorce.
2. Their words.
3. The words of their friends: He and she was experienced divorce.
4. The last time of together works: This crush their marriage rings by the “frog” hammer.
5. Eating with everyone.

The symbol scene by the divorce ceremony is to crush their marriage rings by the “frog” hammer at the last time of the ceremony.
Why “frog”?: Because frog is Japanese say “Kaeru.”
This use the same pronunciation in Japanese that one used for return, it uses the same word return to single.
After finishing the performance, not good mood participants give them a warm hand and when they saw their good expression.
If when you divorce, why don’t you try “the divorce ceremony”?

1. けじめをつけて再スタートが切れる
2. 双方が納得している離婚理由を聞ける
3. 離婚した後も、周囲の方との関係も良好に保てる

1. 離婚に至った経緯を参列者に説明
2. お2人から一言
3. 友人代表挨拶(基本的に離婚経験者の方)
4. 最後の共同作業:結婚指輪をハンマーでたたき割る
5. みんなで会食