Conversation in Pigg life 2 Would you like tell me about those phrases, can I use it?

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May 27, 2012 06:34 Pigg flash-English
Japanese friends and I made a phrases(thought?) about useful expression in Pigg-life(Japanese game site).
Please teach me you feel good at natural phrase.
And I’m glad to teach your suggestion phrase, if you want.
Your comments and corrections will be appreciated.

Can you finish daily Quest?
Have you finished today’s Quest?

No, I haven’t it yet.
No, I haven’t.
No, I haven’t finished them yet.

Are you looking for something?
What are you looking for?
Can I help you?

Please have a meal(bite?).
Would you like a bite?

Can I help anything?
Which of your crops can I help?
Which of your crops do I help?
Which of your crops shall I help?

Nice talking to you today.

Thank you for helping me.