English grammar-2

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Feb 6, 2012 20:07 cocone Brainstorming practice D personal
Continue yesterday my entry and my feeling.
I talked to my Japanese friend in English yesterday about why I dislike studying English grammar.
But, quite unexpectedly, I felt to the marrow of my bones that I need more studying English grammar.
I stressed to be not able to say what I want to say to friends in English.
And awkward English phrasings were a little hard to understand even for Japanese friends.
I realized I need to get a basic English grammatical competence.
Unfortunately, I can’t know what to do, yet.
And I get many comments yesterday’s my entry, so thank you very much.
Now my friend said, I want to get a feel for the grammar naturally by communication with you on Lang-8
Thank you very much for become a friend.
I really felt glad to get your comments and corrections.

Thank you for reading.