Cheating on exams

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Mar 31, 2012 13:48
Have you ever cheated?Do you feel shamed on it or are you proud of it ?As for me ,I dare not to do it ,even I do have the courage,I won’t cheat .It not only cheat your teachers but also cheat yourself which is more important.
But why cheating exists?On one hand,the exams are too difficult;on the other hand, we are not prepare well for the exams or we’re not confident enough.No matter what are the reasons,we shouldn’t cheat.Because we should focus on the studying process but not the results.We get high grades by cheating ,but we don’t master the knowledge at all .It doesn’t make any sense,isn’t it ?Why don’t we just study hard before the exams,it’s more meaningful.
Besides, if you are not lucky enough,and caught by the teacher in the exams,what price are you going to pay?Getting 0 scores orLeaving the school?The most important things is losing your face and lost your dignity.There is a record that can’t be erased in your life…Have you ever thought about that?
Stop believing that you’re lucky enough and won’t be discovered by the teacher.One day you will be caught ,maybe not in school ,but in society.So,be an honest person and try to learn something.Try to be a useful person but not a parasite.