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Mar 12, 2012 22:39

Are you patient enough when you’re doing something that require a lot of patience.Such as teaching,doing housework,cooking or anything like that.If you do have it,then you will succeed in doing everything.
As is known to us ,mastering the basis is the most important things when you are going to learn something new.Take me for example.when I was a child ,I learnt to play basketball.And my teacher required me to pat the ball five hundreds times at least without eyes watching.At first,I would follow his advice.But I felt bored and got tired of patting the ball gradually especially when I saw other people were having a match ,so I couldn’t wait to join in .I thought it doesn’t make any sense to do the same thing again and again.It’s a waste of time.So,after that,I did not pat the ball regularly.The result is that those people who pat the ball fot a long time prove to be good point guard,and those person who lacked patience didn’t become a good basketball player ,just like me .And I really regret not to pat the ball.Now I am learning badminton and I do every basis that our teacher required patiently .Then my teacher praised me for the great progress which I made.
It’s just a little story,but from the little story you can learn how important patience are.Withour patience ,we cann’t do anything successfully.You should now that skill comes from practice,and it requires you to do the same thing patiently.
So,be more patient and you’ll succeed one day.