Yozane Emo Story part 2

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May 18, 2011 21:18
"Ssh! Shizuka ni! (Ssh! Be quiet!)" The man, smiled at Emo.
"Konban wa, Watashi wa namae Shion Akaito desu. Hajimemashite." Emo was about to say somthing along the lines of "OMG really?!" but was interupted by a youthful voice saying, "Dare ga aru?! (Who's there?!"

Chapter 2
"Dare ga aru?!"
The voice sounded again-even closer. Emo stepped forward and said,
"K-konban wa! Yozane Emo desu!(G-good evening! Im Yozane Emo!)
"Anata wa Yozane Emo ka? (Your Yozane emo?) The voice said, sounding exactly like Emo. Emo jumped back.
"Deshita dō shitara, son'na?!" (How did you do that?) Akito asked moving forward.
"Dare ga aru?" The voice sounding like Emo said.
"Shion Akito desu!"(Im Shion Akaito!) Akaito said moving closer to Emo.
"Watashi wa anata o kopī!! Haha!"(I copied you!) The voice now sounded like Akaito.
"Anata wa watashi o kopī?" (You copied me?) Emo asked, looking for the location of the copycat.!
"Jibun de hyōji!!" (Show yourself!!) Emo called into the abandoned pet shop.
A girl with Long white hair in three pony tails,(One in the back and one on each side of the head.)dark purple eye's,(Kinda like a violet.)Sparkly sleeve-less top that shows the bottom of her stomach,matching black pants,black sneakers and black gloves came forward.
"Ayumi Naozoemi desu. Hajimemashite!" Naozoemi said with a bow.
"Hajimemashite!" (Nice to meet you!) Emo and Akaito said in unison.
"Watashi wa anata o kowagatte iru baai imu gomen'nasai!!!" (Im sorry if I scared you!) Naozoemi said sounding like herself again.
"Daijoubou desu!"(It's ok!) Emo said, moving her left pigtail back behind her shoulder. Akaito looked at emo and said," Sore wa iku jikanda. Ieshia wa, anata no ie o nozonde iru."( Time to go. Ieshia wants you home.) Emo nodded and looked at Naozoemi.
"Issho ni kite hoshii?"(Want to come with us?) Emo asked, putting her hand on Naozoemi's shoulder. Naozoemi looked down and said, "Ieshia wa watashi no sakusei-sha ni watashi wa watashi o ie ni kakaru?"(will Ieshia take me me home to my creator?) Emo thought about it for a bit then nodded.
"Hai!"(Yes!) Emo said. Naozoemi took Emo's hand and said,"
Sa sete kurete arigatō watashi wa anata ga fuzoku shite!"(Thank you for letting me come with you!) Emo and Akaito laughed and both said, "Nai mondai!"(No Problem!") They all three walked onto the street. The only light came from the two street lights. Emo glaced around.
"Kowai imu!"(I'm Scared!)Naozoemi said in Akaito's voice. Akaito laughed and took Naozoemi's hand.
"Sore wa daijōbudesu yo, wareware wa daijōbuda."(
it'll be ok, we'll be fine.) Akaito said softly. Naozoemi looked deep into Akaito's eyes and said," Anata no hontō no yūjin!"(Your a true friend!)
Akaito smiled and said, " Wareware wa yoi koto ga osoku natte kita kidō ni noru." (we better get going it's getting late!) Emo and Naozoemi nodded and followed Akaito, down the dimly lit street.
"Watashi o tasukete!!!"(Help Me!!!)