Sunday 日曜日に海に行った

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Jun 29, 2011 09:20
I got up at 6am on Sunday.

I went to the sea with my friends.

Both of them are from Hong Kong, one female and one male.

In Japan, the sea have not opened yet this year.

So we expected that there would be hardly nobody in the sea except us.

But, there were thousands of people there +_+

They are volunteers for clean the beach.

We wanted to get sun tan and take a picture but too much people there.

My friend(♀) asked a man who was picking a garbage up "When will you finish it?"
with smile.

He answered "An hour later." I said "Take care!" He said "Please help us!"

After an hour, they disappeared and a few people there.

A man wearing Fundoshi came there and did strange thing in the sea.

It made us laugh.

After the sea, we backed to the city and went to cafe and had a chat.

And then we went to my house which close to the cafe.

They were really nice 4 days.

I wish my happy days would continue forever.