What happened at Tiffany's ティファニーでの出来事

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Jun 28, 2011 09:27
My sister and I had lunch together at nice cafe located in Ashiya and after that got a cab and visited our grand mother in hospital last Saturday.

She awoke and I gave her a photo book of Paris because she likes to read books.

After that, we went to Osaka to go to the "special exhibition" of Tiffany & Co. that was held at The St.Regis Osaka.

I want to know you that my father is just a poor public officer and my mom is a full‐time housewife so that my family is poor.

We hardly can buy expensive things and high-brands.

Why do we have an invitation card from Tiffany?

Because my sister's senior co-worker gave her it.

I had been to Tiffany only once or twice and my sister had never been there.

My mom said "Two of you are allowed to buy something there under 50,000JPY each."

We were surprised when we entered there and looked price tags.

90,000,000JPY, 8,000,000JPY... the cheapest one was 200,000JPY.

We felt miserable and disappointed and left there.

We burst into laughing when the elevator door was closed!

"F*ckin' expensive! Who buys them? Should I buy one of them by selling my parent's house?" lol.

After that, we went to the normal store of Tiffany & Co. and bought very cute necklaces that were reasonable price.