Wonderful days すばらしい日々

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Jun 27, 2011 10:34
The past four days were nothing special but really wonderful.

On Thursday, I had an apointment to meet and study together with an American 33 years old man for the first time.

But he didn't appeared there , I waited him for an hour , sitting in the cafe and drinking Cafe latte.

We talked about it with e-mail back and forth.

He insisted that he was in front of the cafe.

I watched in front of the cafe but I didn't see any foreign person.

I said it to him and he said "I said let's meet IN FRONT OF THE CAFE.Not IN THE CAFE." and sent me the text again.

He said it's MY(=me, Momoco) fault and I had an all responsibility for it because I misunderstood his English.

I was surprised and thought it is nonsence and sitting for a while.

Suddenly my friend Yukako texted me to go to dinner together.

We went to eat dinner together and it was really nice.

On Friday, I had dinner with my female friends and went to Karaoke and after that joined to other men ,they are my previous customers and it was really funny.

And Saturday and Sunday, it was really wonderful.

I will write about them tomorrow because I know that today is Monday and nothing fun will happen.