A very merry unbirthday to me 何でもない日

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Jun 23, 2011 10:21
Yesterday nothing happend to me wroth to write here.

I remembered some conversation between my sister and me when we were bored together at a long way drive in the bus.

Today's entry is really really meaningless (as always :)).

Reading below might be wasting your time!

We happened to talk about my personality: sometimes I am easy to angry and forget it soon.

So I said "Grumpy... Now I can be a member of Dwarfs of Snow White..."
で、私は「おこりんぼ・・・ 私、白雪姫の小人のメンバーになれるやん・・・」

And we tried to count them.


We remembered only four of them.

We continued,

"Lolicon, Hentai, Psycho.

And Snow white got away from them!"

I really hate long drive without iPhone.

It makes people dull.

I am afraid of my trip to England because it is necessary to sit on the plane 11 hours at least.

Do you have any advice to kill my time well?