That's why I don't like them だからあなたがきらいなの

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Jun 16, 2011 09:50
I am working at a company which has huge number of employees and very traditional, typical Japanese organization.

I am a temporary worker, not a regular member.

My company is very very very very conserbative.

They don't have to make a profit (from this sentense, you can imagine what kind of company I work at) so almost all people are very lazy and lacking motivation.

They just come to office and drink a coffee and smoke and eat lunch and read a newspaper and watch internet sites that have nothing to do with their job.

They leave company 17:00 o'clock. They earn f*ckin' high salary.

I cannot respect them at all because I know that how people work hard to make a profit in normal companies.

Now, I have to wear summer uniform: consists of shirt and skirt and vert and a badge of rank.

I had worn only skirt and shirt, without vert and badge because I thought it was meaningless. There are only 6 people in my section and no guest come to us
and the way of atacching the badge takes a few minutes.

The first day, they said nothing to me. Second, Third, the same.
And 3 weeks later, one of them said to me "You must wear the badge of rank.
Someone told us."

If I must wear it, why didn't they tell me so at the first time?

Why the "Someone" didn't tell me it directly when he/she saw me?

Why he use the word "Someone" , not tell me the name of the person?

Sly. I hate it.

I smiled and said "Oh, sorry! I wear it right now."

I am poor Japanese employee.