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Apr 27, 2011 09:31
I will go to Vietnam tomorrow.

I will have a vacation from tomorrow to May 5th.

I have been to Cambodia last year.

It was my first trip to South East Asia.

I had a heavy headache during the trip.

Cambodia was really really hot.

I went to the hospital after came back to Japan.

I went to a few hospitals but the reason of the headacke was unknown.

A doctor said "You may have malaria".

Finally I went to the hospital that my mother told me.

The doctor said it was caused by stiff shoulders and gave me the medicines.

I got better soon after the docter.

And I understood everything.

I forgot my neak pillow that is like a leopard and I bought in Chicago.

I took it everytime I went to abroads.

A few month later I went to Europe with my neck pillow.

It was longer flight than to Cambodia, but my head never got headache.

I definitely will take my neck pillow this time.

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