Delivery Health デリヘル、または宅配する健康

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Apr 26, 2011 09:08
It has been almost two years since I started living by myself.

My apartment is located near bustling streets that have so many bars, pub, Izakaya, Kyabakura, Sunakku, Philippine Pub, SM Club, restaurants, cafe, and "Love Hotel".

One day I saw strange scene.

Japanese girl who dressed like "Gal" walked in front of me.

I guess she was around 20 from her face and fashions.

There was a man who wore black suit on the corner.

She talked to him and then another Japanese man appeared from somewhere.

She greet the Japanese man and they turned the corner together, seemed to very close even though they met each other just 5 seconds before.

I saw they went to a hotel together.

I see such a situation once a week or two weeks.

I thought that she was a kind of a hooker and the suit man was her boss and the Japanese man was their customer.

But, how can I say her business? In Japan, we have various name of hookers.

Her style of business is different from "Delivery-health" and "Hotel-health".

We call them "de ri he ru" and "Ho te he ru", but that is "Another hell".