Lover's Facebook 恋人のフェイスブック

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Apr 21, 2011 09:24
I have a question about Facebook.

My friend Y who is in L.A. now has two boyfriends.

One of them is L, he is "sexy" (as she said) and for him, Y left her husband and her job and went to L.A. from Osaka.

It is almost two year and a half since she left her husband and job, but L comes to her house once a week or two weeks and often leaves her alone.
Sometimes he ignores her texts and calls.(Max record was 300 calls! Can you believe it?)

She has poor English skills. She spent so many lonely days. But it is natural for me and other single women to spend lonely times. But she cannot stand to be alone.(She is 30 years old, not a little girl.)

Then S came to her. S is her English school's teacher.(ありがちな話!)

S is "doesn't have a good skill of making love but very kind, gentle and doesn't leave her alone, sometimes buys her drink, food and movie tickets".

She cannot break up both with L and S.

She sent us an URL of S's homepage even though we didn't ask her to do so.

Now, she started her Facebook. And it is almost a month since she started it but S is not her friend yet.

Is it common that a person starts a facebook and her boyfriend is not her friend in Facebook?
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