The merits and demerits of facebook フェイスブックの功罪

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Apr 5, 2011 09:27
Yesterday, I received an e-mail from my acqaintance who lives in Los Angeles.

She is an Japanese woman 31 years old.

She married 3 years ago, and divorced 2 years ago.

She met a Japanese-American guy when she went to L.A. with her husband and then she falled in love with that guy 2 years ago.

She threw everything away including her job, husband who had been known for 6 years, and went to Los Angeles to live with that guy even though she cannot understand English.

She is new about facebook.

And she doesn't want to be known her currentry situation by many people.

She said "Suddenly Sayuri(仮名) gave me a friend request.Why did she know that I am on facebook? Did you tell her something about me? "

I had to tell her about a system of facebook. It was really a time-consuming job.私は彼女にフェイスブックのシステムを説明しなければならなかった。それは本当にめんどくさい仕事だった。

Of course I did not tell Sayuri about her anything.Sayuri saw my friend list and then she searched her name and send request to her. I have nothing to do with this situation.

Mendokusai! :(