How can I say "Fu u su i" in English? 風水は英語で何て言うの?

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Mar 30, 2011 10:49
Suddenly I wonder how can I say "Fu u su i" in Engkish.

Fu u su i is not Wind Water.

"Feng Shui" is correct? (by on-line dictionary)

I was thinking of reasons why I like HongKong so much for my recruiting.

Even though I am not a suspicious person, (I always wonder why so many people especially women) spend much money on Futurete-telling or something.With the money, I prefer buying something I need in Supermarkets to going and listening to the Future-telling.) I feel strong energy when I am in HongKong.

I read an article said that HongKong is the most
Could anybody tell me how can I say 「香港は、アジアで一番のパワースポットだ」
in English?
パワースポット Power Spot is something like ...very energetic, healing people ,having a power, spilitual, ...something.