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Mar 1, 2011 11:14
I want to speak English fluently.

I thought that thinking in English might to be good way to be fluently speaker.

So I tried but failed soon.

I wanted to think that in English;


Does anybody help me...?I know it is compicated too much but if you can,please.

My idea is below;
"If I have lived in HKG over than 7 years,get marry HK people or get marry a person who holds a working visa it is not necessary to get a working visa to get a job in HKG, but if I don't,it is necessary for me to get a working visa.
In that case,it is a bit easier to get a visa if I am looking for the sales person that I have experienced in Japan ,but it is difficult to get a visa if I apply to office working or something that I hardly have experienced ."...

I got confused!I cannot understand what I am writing...

Maybe I should think more simple in English,like "It is rainning."for now.