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Sep 13, 2011 14:22
A few months ago, I got a Hong Kong girl friend.(C)

It was turned out that her and my house is a bit close--next station each other.

She came to Japan about 4 years ago and now is living alone.

She is 33 years old.

She contacted me every week and we went to have dinner together 3,4 times.

She said that she broke up with her boyfriend about 2 years ago and doesn't have a boyfriend now.

One day, she invited her friend (A),my friend (B) and me to a dinner.

She decided the date and she reserved the restaurant.

EVERYTHING was made by her.

The 3 before the day,(3日前) she told us on facebook that "I am sorry but can you change the day? I can't go there.".

I was surprised and asked her "OK, but what happened?".

She answered "I planed a birthday party of a friend of mine."...

Before the week, she told me that recently she goes to play badminton with A and there are 4 single guys age 22-34.

She said she is chasing 2 of them.

A told B that the party is for the guys...

I don't like woman like this.

I have ignored her call since then. More than 12 calls ;)