Mooncake 月餅

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Sep 8, 2011 15:18
What I want to eat most is a mooncake.

Japanese people don't have a custom to eat mooncakes.

I had not known the existense of mooncakes before 2009.

I have eaten some mooncakes.

Unfortunately, most of them were not taste nice.

Maybe, I prefer mooncakes which don't include the yellow part of egg(卵黄) to one that including it.

I want to try 1.Haagendazs' mooncake 2.Peninsula's mooncake .

My dream is making my original mooncakes one day.

Is it easy to make them?

If so, I will try to do so.

Have you ever eaten Haagendazs or Peninsula's mooncakes?

How were them?

Could you tell me what makers' mooncake do you like? :)