Trip! Trip! Trip!

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Jul 21, 2011 10:11
I'm going to go to UK tomorrow! ! !

These days I hardly write journal in English because I am so busy.

My mother and I join the (safety and boring) tour, but the last day we have free time half a day.

My mother wants to go to Oxford.

I have to take her there.

We leave the tour after sightseeing the house of parliament in London.

She also wants to go to "Tower of London" before go to Oxford.

We have f*ckin' no time, I know, but UK is very far from Japan.

We cannot go there once a week or something even though we love UK so much.

My mother is around 60 years old.

I want her to go everywhere she wants to go as much as possible.

I will try to do my best.

Goodbye, everybody.

I will write my entry again after I back to Japan :)

See you!
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