I cannot speak English! (+_+)

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Jul 11, 2011 10:25
Yesterday, I saw that 3 foreign people (An Europian guy, a South American girl and a Chinese-American girl maybe) asked something to a staff of a train station of Osaka.

There was in front of ticket machine and a map of train stations.

There is only Japanese, no English in the map of train stations.(I cannot believe it! Why don't they write English at least? Chinese people can read Chinese characters, but other countries' people usually can't read Chinese characters! Is Japan still closing country? WTF.)

And OF COURSE, the staff couldn't understand English at all! ! (Terrible...)

I came up to them and joined them.

They wanted to go to "Morinomiya" Station from Tsuruhashi Station(where we all were in).

①Morinomiya Station is the next next station from Tsuruhashi.

Tsuruhashi → Tamatsukuri → Morinomiya.

②They should get the train which goes to Osaka (direction).

I wanted to say it in English but I couldn't ...

I said "Two next station from here". I knew it was wrong English! But I couldn't say it in right way.

I said many words and they understood me. I even told them when the train was arrived. They said thank you for me but I was not satisfied because my English is bad.

Could anybody tell me how can I say them(①、②) in correct English?