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Feb 25, 2011 08:38
Hello everyone, thank you so much for all you help so far! Here is the last of my essay. I'm not sure how to end it without sounding cheesy -- 丁寧に表したいと思いますが。。。。


Last October I started teaching Japanese. Because I didn't know much about computers, teaching online was quite a challenge but I learned a lot with my students. I taught through an online class called, "eluminate" (It's a pun on illuminate and education.). I set up a website and an email for teaching. I start class on Tuesdays at 3. I always start with a song while uploading files. Because the way we study the Kana is so important, I try to make all the lessons myself. I draw characters, make jokes with other techniques. nihonGO! (my class name) has around 10-12 students. Our mascots are Will and Mochiko. In the story they both wish to be culinary masters, Will with his waffle making skills and Mochiko with her traditional Japanese cooking. Everyone likes food so it has been a successful plot so far. If my students have questions at anytime they can always contact me though email.


So far we have learned 600 words, Hiragana and Katakana and conversational grammar. Even now I feel like we just started -- we still have 3 more units left! Because I believed we have a firm base in Japanese now, I am planning on using a text. Whatever textbook we use, I will use the flash card program Anki (暗記) to help teach. With this program, wherever, whenever, I can send flash cards made for (my students') reviewing. I will continue to do my best! (We don't have this expression in English. :L)


Japanese has had a great effect on my life, I can see the world more clearly. I even learned about my own country through the Japanese viewpoint. I am truly grateful but I feel that no matter how much I teach I won't be able to repay what I have gained. This year when I travel to Japan for the first time, I want to share the same change with others. Also, I want to try some takoyaki. :)


I can't speak like a native yet but with the help of my friends, and if I do the best I can, then I believe I will one day be able to. Thank you for letting me express my experiences through Ja-net. (よろしくおねがいします)

(米国の)ワシントン州 ジェイコブ●スネッフェン 18際
(NA) Washington State Jacob Sniffen 18
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