Early New Year Resolution (中日한Eng)

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Dec 13, 2010 15:09 goals
Hello everyone! I finished my college entrance exams! I took a break and I have some catching up to do this week. This is my last week before Winter Break so I will be super busy trying to catch up because I took time off from school to study for my tests. (=_=')> I took the 日本語能力試験N2(二級) and of course some SAT tests. The Japanese test was hard and very VERY long! (More than 4 hours in testing, 1 1/2 hours in waiting and the commute which was about 45 minutes. So I think 6 hours of my Sunday was spent on this test.)

Anyways I already made my new-year resolution! I know I am early, but I have some important goals and I like to make plans. So since I enter college starting in early September I have 8 whole months to do acomplish my goals. I know all my journals seems to be far apart and quite boring -- I'm sorry. I intend to fix this among other things:

牛juice's goals:

1) Write an Lang-8 entry EVRERY sunday: I am joining all my 日本語, 中文, 한국거, and English journals into one big weekly journal. (It makes it so much easier for both me and for you guys correcting my journals.)

2) Learn 8000 words in 中文! (1000 a month.)

3) Learn 8000 words in 한국거! (1000 a month.)

4) Learn 3000 simplified 汉字. (I allready know a lot but it should take 2 months or so.)

5) Learn up to 3000 日本語(Japanese) 漢字. (I got 2000 down, 1000 more to go!!!)

6) Learn to 'read' 3000 繁體字. (Japanese 漢字 is traditional-like so I think this won't be so hard.)

7) In Japanese use monolingual dictionaries ONLY! (This is going to be very hard for me.)

8) Go through my "どんな時どう使う文法..." textbook in Japanese.

9) Go through 8000 Japanese sentences. (1000 a month.) (I will explain this later.)

10) Start a book collection and start reading!!! (I'm going to read a book in each language a month!)
--24 books total :D I'm going to buy books that Ioved as a kid like Narnia, religious books and just popular books based on your reccomendations!

11) I need to start a music collection and I was thinking I would buy 24 CD's but that might be too expensive.

12) Movies are a great way to learn and have fun. I have a secret -- I don't like TV shows. I guess I am just too impatient. I need to buy some of my favorite movies anyways since I will be moving out next year but 24 DVD's would be quite expensive for a student like me...

13) After writing my journal, and correcting it via your comments, I plan on recording my voice reading it outloud! Scary stuff! But I'm sure it will be a great way to practice!

14) I'm also going to try to log in my studies so I can track what works and what doesn't and how much I have learned. It shouldn't be too hard, right?

15) Have fun! It's my last year in high school. I shoudl try to do as many things as possible before graduating!

Thank you for reading this and I apologise for the lame journal entries as of late. m(-_-)m