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Jun 14, 2010 10:18 English
Hello everyone! How are you?
I'm sick sadly, but I hope to get better soon. My vacation starts Tuesday so I want to get well right NOW!

Today I am going to teach three English expressions. They are rather strange so it may be hard to understand them.

with 'flying colors'
{To do extremely well. To ace. To complete something with no effort. This expression comes from 'confetti falling in the air'. We often throw some confetti in the air when someone does well and during a birthday.}

I aced my math test with flying colors. (True :P)
I won the race with flying colors. (Not true :{ )

when 'Hell freezes over'
{There is no way. Impossible. Won't ever happen. In America we imagine Hell as an internally hot place so it is very unlikely that it will freeze over. You don't need to make a complete sentence. "When Hell freezes over" is fine by itself.}

I will watch that stupid movie with you when Hell freezes over.
Pft, (a mocking noise) they will win when Hell freezes over.

Catch-22 {When you have to decide between two impossible decisions. When you have to make a decision that is akward or unliked by the people you like.}

Deciding between these two girls is impossible. It's a catch-22!
If we win, my friends will loose. If we loose we won't be able to play at the championships. It's a catch-22!

Please create your own example sentences!
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