Who Am I? (English)

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Mar 29, 2010 04:49 Who am I?
I haven't used lang-8 much recently. I have been receiving friend requests daily and many of them do not speak Japanese or Chinese so I feel guilty when I write things my friends cannot read.

Also, many of my friends don't know me very well. When I first came here I wrote messages daily to my friends but now I am unable to do so because of the sheer amount of people I know. I try really hard to help you with your English, when I don't leave a correction it is because I feel other people have provided you with enough help. It's not personal!

So -- Who am I? What are my goals? And why am I here?

I was born with a language disability. I didn't speak until I was over 4 years of age. I grew up in a Catholic family and was home-schooled (taught by my parents and siblings) for 10-11 years before high-school.

My parents taught the blind and helped communities in Africa and Papua New Guinea. They both speak French but they spoke to me in English so I can't speak French. My father hated learning French. He said that it was difficult and that he hated only being able to describe himself like a child -- unable to speak like the adult he is.

Languages are what connect us humans. I believe we are universally the same at our core -- our hearts. Languages are the key to understanding and I want to help our world see all the beautiful colors and hues of our world.

I used to believe kids when I was teased me saying I was, "retarded" or "stupid". Japanese at first started as a test to prove to myself that I was just as capable as anyone else. People have been extremely rude to me because of my choice in languages. (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) They have told me that I was a lier and that I was making things ups to impress people. Some insisted that I would fail and that it was impossible to understand an Asiatic language. Even in my family there was some fights. My grandfather didn't particularly like my choice to study Japanese and my brother said my efforts were "useless" and "why learn something useless when everyone speaks English?" That isn't the way to treat people! That's just sick. I don't want to be forcefully dependent on anyone.

I was called "unpatriotic"! This made me very upset! Nothing can replace America to me--even though there are many beautiful things about other countries. (Please don't get the impression that my country is ALL like this. All countries have mothers, fathers, celebrities and jerks. ^__^' ) Japanese didn't just expand my view of the world , it helped me understand my place in it. Likewise I think we need to be ore trusting and understanding of each other.

Slowly my English is becoming more and more clear. I am more confident and I don't fog my head with silly talk like, "it's impossible". I'm currently a junior in high-school taking college courses on the side to save money on my education. I plan on getting a teaching degree in college and I will test out of a Japanese major and take Chinese and Korean when I get the chance.

This year I am focusing on Japanese and Chinese characters as a whole. This year I take the second highest level of the NJLPT (New Japanese Language Proficiency Test) for high-school and college. I can read, write and understand 2000 characters but I am still trying to improve my grammar and vocabulary. I will need you guys' help on this!

Next year I will start Chinese as my focus! I will continue reading and writing in Japanese though. After memorizing 2000 characters in Japanese I think I will just study the pronunciation of all the characters and just try writing journals and read online. Examples will be very much appreciated! Some of the Japanese pronunciations are closely related to Chinese. 空 is pronounced, "kuu" in Japanese but it is pronounced, "kong" in Mandarin.  

When I start college I will start Korean. (I can already read hanguel thanks to a friend of mine :3) I won't memorize any more Hanja other than a few hundred because they aren't really needed -- particularly in Southern Korea. (There is no political reason, I just don't think it will help me any.)

I'm not sure exactly I will start teaching but as my final goal I would like to teach online creating many tools available to students. That way I can reach the most people!

Thank you so much everyone for helping me reach my goals!
I miss you HJ, Roy, Hypothetical person, and よくい! <B