Tag Journal Game/タッグ日記のゲーム

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Jun 18, 2009 00:08 journal tag
Hello everyone! (n_n) /

How are you? I was sick for the last 3-4 days doing my finals! >.<
I hope no-one ever has to do that again.

Anyways I am completely done with school now so I will be on Lang-8 everyday. (By the way, is it just me or does it look different?)

While I was sick I had lots of free time to think of things such as my new journal. I thought of a wonderful game I I think we should play it. It would be really good for our Japanese/English/ ect.

Here is how it works:

At the end of my journal I will write a name of one of my friends and ask them to write about something I want to hear.

They will have to write about it even if it is difficult for them.
At the end of their journal they write someone's name at the end of the journal and ask someone a question. Remember to write in the language you are learning. For example, I would write in Japanese if someone asked me a question.

There is one last rule; On the title you have to first write,"Tage Journal" with your title after the heading. For example, mine would be, "Tag Journal--Introduction".

Does this make sence? I wrote this in English so more people would understand. I am hoping it this game will last a while.

What does you neighboorhood look like? Can you describe it?