Final day in my current company

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Oct 18, 2014 18:20
Final day in my current company
Yesterday was the final day in my current company. I have been working for the company for almost three year. During the years, I have experienced both good and bad thing, but I think both of them are now good memories for me.

At the end of the working time yesterday, I made a farewell speech to my colleagues. expressed my gratitude to my colleagues and expressed my wish for their further success in the company.

After my speech, to my suprise, a lot of my colleagues came to me and express their appreciation for what I had done to the company and some of them gave me beautiful flowers.

I was vert happy at that time and I convince that what I have done in the company was totally correct. Now, I am switching my thought to my new company. The first day in my new company is next monday!