Thanks Points and Good Points

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Oct 23, 2011 21:05
As you may know, Lang-8 has both Thanks Points and Good Points system. I do not correct the other members’ journal entries so many, but I like this system very much.

Especially, I like Good Points much better. Thinking about myself, to be honest, I cannot help giving all five thanks Points to all correctors, because I am really appreciated with the kind correction itself.

I think almost all the other members on Lang-8 have the same views as mine. Thanks Points may literally show our thankfulness to the corrector.

On the other hand, as you may know, Good Points are given by the other members who think that our corrections are really helpful for the writer. So a lot of Good Points show the good correction skills of the corrector.

Now, I have corrected about 160 journal entries, and I have gotten about 40 Good Points so far. I would like to correct as many journal entries as possible and I hope I will get more and more Good Points.