August 10th

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Aug 11, 2012 06:38
As I thought, Poland didn't get any medals yesterday.
On top of that, the Polish relay runners were eliminated in the eliminations.
However, there's a huge chance that we'll win a medal today.
Anita Włodarczyk, the Polish hammer thrower, won the eliminations and will do her best to win a medal.
I hope she will win a gold medal.
She deserves to it.
The Polish relay runners will also take part in two elimination races.
Men's 4x100m and women's 4x400m.
I hope both of them will win their place in the semi-finals although their rivals are very strong.

Men's 200m happened yesterday.
I looked forward to it very much.
As it was expected, Usain Bolt beat his domestic rival, Yohan Blake, and get a gold medal.
I thought a new Olympic record would be set, but it was a close shave (I wonder if I can use "a close shave" for something positive).
If he had run three tenth seconds quicker than he did, he would have set a new Olympic record.
In addition, there will be three Jamaican sprinters on the podium, which shows how strong Jamaican sprinters are.

Now it's time to write another twenty sentences using the words I learned today.

1. A part of the machine was covered with tar.
2. Toothpicks are a very useful and helpful invention.
3. His deep manly voice freaked us out when we entered the room.
4. Why doesn't she wear womanly clothes?
5. They keep an immense amount of mineral water in the warehouse.
6. My belly button is swollen a bit. Should I go to the doctor?
7. When did you lost your toe?
8. She blew her own trumpet all the time about the hoax she had done to Mike. She put a pin inside his sock.
9. Do you plant cress at Easter?
10. I don't like watching canoeing.
11. She flicked the ash from her cigarette with grace.
12. He had trouble practising a bench press.
13. It was a really dangerous and thoughtless manoeuvre.
14. His swagger will backfire one day.
15. She truly hopes she won't have a miscarriage.
16. I've witnessed an epileptic attack once.
17. She made an immensely effort to decorate the Christmas tree.
18. She loves taking pictures on the meadow near to her house.
19. I had to spend the night in their cowshed since the farmhouse didn't have enough place to roll up my foam mattress.
20. What did you do in the hayloft with her?

Cheers from Poland!