July 23rd

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Jul 24, 2012 06:13
My friend texted me on Facebook yesterday if I would like to play pool with his yesterday evening.
Of course I agreed since I was very bored.
We played for two hours and had fun.
Then, instead of going home, I dropped in to see another friend of mine.
He called me while I was playing pool.
I saw him yesterday morning and said that I would visit him for a moment.
It would have been rude if I hadn't shown up.
That moment turned out to be two hours, then I got home and went straight to bed.

Today I'm going to sit at home all day even though the weather is beautiful.
I'm going to make up for two new episodes of Breaking Bad and a new episode of Futurama.
I love both series, particularly Breaking Bad.
I can honestly say that it's the best series I've ever watched.
So I'm looking forward to watching the episodes very much.

Now it's about time to write another twenty sentences using the words I learnt today.

1. My father's decoder broke down so he can't watch TV.
2. I enjoy wearing sweatshirts because they are very comfortable.
3. She peeped at him through a slit in the door.
4,5. When I was in the mountains, my cousin had to gargle with an infused sage since she had a sore throat.
6. He will never forget the atrocious things that he saw at a zoo.
7. The customer was very disgruntled with the quality of tinned food.
8. She said she would examine the case in-depth.
9. I was all sweat-soaked after climbing the highest mountain in the area.
10. Brothels are not allowed in Poland.
11. Did you know that he is a pimp?
12. I was born by a Caesarean section.
13. The lubricant has run out and the boss has gone out! What are we going to do now?
14. The Internet became popular since its anonymity.
15. She bought a new pair of stilettos.
16. But for his resolute actions, he wouldn't have gotten the job.
17. My sister has been bitten by a cleg three times.
18. Do you know who a progenitor of the movement is?
19. It won't be easy to merge such potent companies without any hindrances.
20. When he is angry, he bashes his hand on the top of the table.

Cheers from Poland!
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