June 19th

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Jun 20, 2012 05:46
I ordered a pizza for dinner today.
I hadn't eaten a pizza for a few weeks, so I decided to treat myself to it.
It was delicious and I'm stuffed now.

My brother started to redecorate his room today.
He, along with my father, are scraping the old wallpaper right now.
Afterwards, they are going to paint the room and put the floor panels on the floor.
My brother also ordered a new wardrobe and desk, but they will arrive in a few days.

Another two Euro 2012 matches happened yesterday.
Spain defeated Croatia and Italy won in the match against Republic of Ireland.
I wish Croatia hadn't lost.
They had two excellent chances to score a goal.
I didn't see the other match so I can't write anything about it.
I only saw the goals.

Today Ukraine faces England and France plays again Sweden.
I hope that Ukraine will win and win their place in the quarterfinal at least.
They are one of the hosts and that's why I support them.
Ukraine have already proved that they are able to play well, so I truly believe that they will surprise everybody and win tonight.

Now it's time to write another twenty sentences using the words I learnt today.

1. Saliva is produced in a mouth.
2. The Netherlands were too cocky and that's why they lost.
3. All of us will undoubtedly perish someday.
4. She left her shoes on the veranda and then entered the room.
5. If we want to put on a great play in four days, we have to go through putting on the play many times.
6. They always respect little people.
7. He wouldn't have gotten such a flashy car if his parents weren't rich.
8. She affixed the cupboard to the wall.
9. Stop being so tenacious, will you?
10. His tenacity always makes me angry and frustrate.
11. She was so sullen that she didn't feel like going to work.
12. I forgot to send her my heartfelt apologies because of her loss.
13. Lust isn't the only thing in the world, remember about it.
14. She couldn't forgive him for his continuous greed of money.
15. He is greedy and persistent.
16. Sloth is one of the things I try to avoid.
17. Try to eliminate your wrath in another way.
18. There was a gruesome murder in the President's house.
19. Why are so many people reckless to achieve what they want?
20. It's still difficult for me to write concisely.

Greetings from Poland!