May 14th

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May 15, 2012 05:28
As I wrote yesterday, I went to a pub with my friend.
We spent there three hours talking about many issues, such as our exit exams.
Unfortunately, my friend missed his bus, so he had to wait half an hour for another bus.
I also missed my tram, but they go very often even on weekends, so I didn't have to wait as long as my friend had to.

By the way, I'm going to buy the tickets to a music event on Friday.
Sadly, only me and my friend are planning to go there.
No other friend is interested in going there with us.
The event takes place at the Baltic sea at the end of July, but we're going to buy the tickets very early, because the tickets will be more expensive later.
We also decided to travel by train, because it's the quickest way to get there, excluding traveling by car.
It takes about ten hours to get there, but the travel won't drag on, because we will travel at night.
I hope it will be the most memorable adventure in my life.

Today, I'm also going to practice my speaking skills.
I'll also make a list of a few expressions that can be helpful during my oral English final exam.
Cheers from Poland!