January 23rd

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Jan 24, 2012 07:58
I arranged to go to a pub with classmates on Friday.
Friday will be the last day of school before winter holidays.
I think it would be the best day to go to the pub.
Winter holidays last two weeks, so we won't see each other for two weeks.
Also, they will be the last winter holidays at school.
I said that we should celebrate this.
Three classmates decided to go so far.
I hope I'll persuade some extra classmates to go by Friday.

Speaking of school, nothing interesting happened today.
I didn't get any grades or take any tests.
The English teacher wasn't at school, so I didn't have English lessons.
Instead of English lessons, we watched a movie with a teacher, who (whom?) I don't have any lessons.
While other classmates were watching the movie, I was doing some English exercises.
It was a good idea to take the exercises to school.
I don't have to do them at home.

I'm taking a German test tomorrow.
It will be the vocabulary test.
I'm thinking of making a trot, because it's a lot of words to learn.
I might find difficult to learn so many words.
I'll decide what to do when I finish learning English.
Cheers from Poland!