November 16th

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Nov 17, 2011 04:12
I was going to give blood during the school classes today.
When I was sitting in a special bus where the blood is given, I had a blood sample taken first.
Suddenly I felt dizzy.
I heard ringing in ears and started to sweat.
I almost blacked out.
A nurse gave me a cup of cold water.
The doctor told me that I couldn't give blood at the moment.
My classmate had the same.
We both didn't give blood but we wanted to.
After 5 minutes or so, I felt better and I got a sick note.
After that I went home.

I didn't expect it could have happened.
I'm sure I won't give blood in the distant future.

I'm still sleepy and a little tired.
I think I'll go to bed earlier.
I'm taking a test on Geography tomorrow.
I might prepare for it.
I don't have good grades.
Cheers from Poland!