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Dec 29, 2016 13:57

I am being on the way to my city, and I have encountered many troubles.

For example, I found that there were nothing to eat in my refrigerator this morning, and I had to go out to have my breakfast.
At a convenience store on the way, I tried to withdraw money to paint the city red with my friends tonight, but I found that I forgot the PIN number and I had to go back my house again to look for the memo on which I had written down the number.
Before I took on the bus to the station, I remembered that my mother asked me to buy a Osechi dish and I run into the nearby supermarket.
However, these food had to be keep cool, and I had no choice to return my residence to prepare a freezing bag and coolants.
When I arrived at the station, the purposed train had already went, and I had to send a mail to my friends to arrange the time to get together.
On the train, I studied on my computer and my wireless mouse flied away when the chasit stopped suddenly.
It slipped under the next seat, and I had to wait for the person sitting on it left the train, to pick my mouse up.

All of all troubles are trivial respectively, but I feel a heavy stress when I have more than two troubles at the same time!