In Japan, people are divided into two groups.

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Dec 29, 2015 06:30 Diary English Culture Japanese
In Japan, people are divided into two groups.
First, the people who love sake, and second, the others.
...I've just joked, but the number of person who likes sake is increasing right now.
In the old days when my unit chief entered our office, there were few sake enthusiasts.
The chief was one of them, but he didn't have so much chance to drink it because most bars served only beers and wines.
Nowadays, however, many girls like sake and it’s getting more famous.
Even some family restaurants starts serving it!

Today, I have an appointment with my high school friends.
Some of them prefer sake, then I'll drink much as far as nothing happens in my office.
We belong to the former group in the first rule on the top of this article!
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