The seventh of July is Tanabata!

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Jun 26, 2014 20:14 Japanese Culture Summer English
The seventh of July is Tanabata!

Tanabata is a traditional national day in Japan.
I guess that some other cultures such as Chinese also celebrate the day.

Japanese people originally celebrated the day believing that our ancestors came back in.

The day is also related with a fairy-tale of The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd.
It is the only day that the heroine and the hero can meet.

Japanese people usually prepare bamboo grass and pull short papers on it.
Each person writes his or her desire on it.
It is said that we can improve our artistic skills such as painting, calligraphy and writing especially.
I have heard that it was because the weaver girl was a goddess of artistry.

On that day, how about put a piece of paper with your hope on the tree or on the fence in your garden?