Is It Time Wasting?

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Dec 20, 2015 10:01 Diary English Culture Japanese
Is It Time Wasting?

I went to Karaoke with my colleagues yesterday.
We really enjoyed the time and went to a bar near the karaoke box after our singing!
For it, I used up more than 6 hours and got a sore throat.

The karaoke and the party were exciting, but I can't say that they are imperative for my life when I think about the advantage of them.
What I want to say is that it might be a waste of time.
Each people only have 24 hours a day and has to use them efficiently.
If I want to have a communication with them, the subsequent party was enough and there was no need to go karaoke restaurant.

Because of this reason, I will try to eschew going to Karaoke next year.