Abandon All Sanity, Ye Who Enter Here.

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Sep 19, 2015 09:55 Japanese English Culture Diary
Abandon All Sanity, Ye Who Enter Here.

I tried whiskey the day before yesterday; there were two reasons.
First, an article told me such purified alcohol is healthier for me because I have a genetical heritage of gout.
The article told me that shochu (Japanese purified alcohol) or whiskey is recommendable.
Second, I can feel the euphoria easily because of the stronger alcohol percentages.
Alcohol is imperative for me to write manuscripts.
However, I have to drink much more sake to get euphoria these days.
It might be because my body is gaining the resistance against sake.
Therefore, I decided to change my beverage like changing my drugs.
Third, of course I like the taste.
Shochu is not my cup of tea on the other hand.

I do my best to enjoy that alcohol!