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Nov 16, 2013 06:14 English Japanese Item

Do you know about GoPro?
GoPro is a video camera which is famous for divers.
Originally, it was created to take beautiful pictures of surfers.
Recently, the camera is loved not only by surfers but also climbers and divers.

The camera is compact and tough.
If you surf with the camera, you can hook it on your body.
If you dive with it into the sea, you don't have to wrap the camera in housing as far as the depth is over 40 meters.
If you climb and ride on your snowboard with it, you can take fantastic movies like this.

Despite the disadvantage of the battery (about 60 mins), it can be a good choice for outdoor-enthusiasts.
One of my friends, who is an amateur photographer, who belonged to Scuba Diving Club at university, said it was a good video camera.
(Of course, he recommended I buy a high end model if I want to take pictures, not movies.)