A Party after a Lecture

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Sep 17, 2015 19:22 English Culture Diary Japanese
A Party after a Lecture

Yesterday, I had an extra lecture to study more after my office was closed.
There were many attendants and we had a Nomikai after it of course.
Nomikai is a kind of parties with friends, colleagues, and so on.
The difference between parties and Nomicais is that we don't need to prepare any reason to have a Nomikai.
It might be simillar to going to a bar.

The party was good because I was succeeded in controlling myself.
I was able to limit the amount of alcohols.
And I was also able to be a listener than a speaker.

Japanese people are usually regard to be shy, but we talk a lot during Nomikai.
And it is well known that men have a tendancy to speak about themselves than to listent to others opinions.
I also share the same personality and try to be a good listener these days.
I that meaing, the Nomikai was also a part of lessons for me.