Why Can Ladies Speak So Long?

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Sep 26, 2015 13:13 Japanese English Diary Culture
Why Can Ladies Speak So Long?

Three mothers sitting next to my seat in McDonalds continue to talk for more than 2 hours.
Their children run around the table and make a disturbance in this floor XO

Why can these ladies continue their conversation so long?

Biologically, females evolved so that they can build good relationships with others.
Compared with them, males developed their ability to fight with, to hunt, and to protect their family members.
The ability to talk may come from this ability.

I respect them because I'm not good at have a long conversation.
If I want to continue the conversation, I have to pay much effort for it.
I understand that I don't have this ability because I'm a male, of course.
However, I can't stop yawning to obtain the ability to enjoy my conversation.