How to Describe Captions?

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Sep 12, 2015 07:54 Japanese English Diary Grammer
How to Describe Captions?

I'm preparing the presentation for a JICA program these days.
For the one hour presentation, I have to introduce my works in English.
And I have a lot of questions now because I haven't had an English presentation for a long time.

Should I capitalize the title and captions like this?;
Or, is it better to capitalize the first letter only of each words?;
"The Introduction of the Institute of..."
I got this question because Microsoft Powerpoint capitalized all captions automatically.

Should I add definite articles or indefinite articles for these titles and captions?;
"The Introduction of the Institute of..."
"The Organization of This Institute"
"The Surveillance of Red-back Widow Spider"

Which does it sound more natural?;
"Mosquito Surveillance"
"Surveillance of Mosquito"

I'll be very happy if you give me hints!
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