As a First Son

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Jan 25, 2016 08:11 Diary English Culture Japanese
As a First Son

I'm lucky because I have many brothers and we can share our duties as the children, such as taking care of my parents in the future, maintaining our family’s farm, and heritaging our old properties.
However, as the first son of my fathers,I still have some duties that I am in charge of.
For example, I will have to live with my old parents in the future, and have to go back to my home town to maintain our tomb.
Some older members in my family usually tell me about these duties.
Furthermore, I myself am single, and they recommend me to marry immediately.
Because they have repeated the same advices again and again since I was a child, I am not seriously shocked by their comments, but these are cumbersome.
I wonder if they understand my idea that I'm just looking for my best partner.