My TOEFL Score and Newspaper

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Nov 11, 2013 05:36 English Japanese Stidy
My TOEFL Score and Newspaper

I got the result of my latest TOEFL test: 86/180.
It was the same score that I attained two years ago.
The total score was 5 points higher than the result of my last test: 82.
However, if I look into the detail, I'm able to find some differences.
For example, the speaking and writing scores were improved: 18 to 23, 20 to 21, respectively.
I'm happy now because I improved the sections that Japanese people are not good at.
However, I lost 2 points in the reading section: 21 to 19.
Therefore, I have to study for reading for the next test.

Do you know about any good reading materials?
It'd be better if it is written about the latest news in formal English.
I wonder if I am able to read freely when I want to study.