Marriage and Divorce

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Jan 23, 2016 07:08 Diary English Culture Japanese
Marriage and Divorce

The increasing number of divorces is one of the most serious social problems recently in Japan.
Some old people claim that the young couples aren't patient, but their opinions also prove that they also experienced hard times with their partners.
Do you think that it is better for them to continue their relationships although there is nothing but only the enmity for each other?
All in all, I don't agree this opinion, although I’m single.
Some critics point out that divorce will shock their children seriously, but it is a tragedy to live with their enemy.
I've heard that some Catholic countries prohibit their citizens to divorce, and the rule makes their living condition worse.

Of course, keeping the love for each other is the best, if it is possible.
A businessman who had just divorced last year told me an important annotation.
In his opinion, I should live with my girlfriend for more than half a year if I want to get married with her.
Sharing our life fully, he said, I can guess whether I will be able to continue the relationship or not.
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