Normal Love

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Jul 16, 2014 05:07 Japanese Diary
Normal Love

For a long time, I thought that I HAVE to experience common love, which we can see in the movies, soap operas, comics and animations.
In other words, I guessed that some barriers were needed for the true love.
In addition, I misunderstood that I had to struggle to find the best person.
Furthermore, I thought that I had to experience a lot of love before I finally got my life-long partner.

It might not be true.
If I find someone is attractive and want to know her more deeply, it might be the start of love.
There is no need of barriers and dramatic first contacts.
The archetype of my love must be in my own experiences.

Despite of the long explanation, I can conclude what I want to say in a few words.
I might fall in love with a lady who was my friend for a long time.
We usually use the analogy "the blue bird was in my house" from the fairytale of Hans Andersen.